When do you need 2 photographers at your wedding? 

Speaking of wedding photography, we are referring to a story told through images. Your mood, the wedding planning, emotional load, your guest’s mood, etc. will influence how this story will be told in the same amount all of it depends on your mood. Meanwhile this story unfolds, the way it will be told, the style, the dedication, the experience, etc. depend on the photographer.

Today we would like to talk about the necessity in a second photographer. Many brides clash with this question when preparing for their event. 

(Note: the second photographer and the assistant are 2 different jobs. The role of the assistant is to help a photographer, not to take pictures).

We often receive quotations that start with: “We will have X hundreds of guests and we need 2 photographers.”

First of all let’s see the relationship between the number of guests and the need in a second photographer. In our opinion, the most important moments at Romanian weddings take place before the arrival of the guests. At the restaurant they mostly dance and that’s pretty much all. (Apart from cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet). Indeed, if there is a large number of guests, indeed the second photographer can be seen as a huge advantage, but from our point of view the advantages of having a second photographer are greater until the beginning of the party, precisely:

Most important of all: You have 2 perspectives

A person cannot be in 2 places at the same time. For example: the first look moment, whether it is in front of the altar or in the middle of nature, 2 photographers can capture the expressions of both the groom and the bride. 

We will explain in details how things are done in our team:

  • During the preparations, Adrian takes care of the groom’s preparations, Irina takes care of the bride’s preparations (and as all the brides are late, Adrian also catches the bride’s preparations most of the time :))) 
  • In the photos with the bridesmaids and the best men, the photographers also separate  
  • If there is little time between the religious wedding and the restaurant, Adrian stays for the group photos with the family and Irina goes to capture the decor of the restaurant
  • If possible, in the church one of us can capture a picture from above
  • At the photo shoot one of us can photograph with a wide lens the other portrait. During the first dance – the same story.
  • If we arrive at the restaurant together, one of us can take care of the decoration, the other can take care of the reportage or prepare the equipment for the first dance.
  • When you see each other for the first time, we also try to capture everyone’s emotion, we discussed the importance of this here.

We catch moments that you had no idea happened 

You are in the group photos with the family and you do not see the children devouring the candy bar, the funny grimace of a bridesmaid or the emotion of an aunt who has just seen you for the first time. 

Possibility to have more artistic and spontaneous photos 

While one of the photographers deals with “must have photos” the other can channel his energy to some more different angles, or he can come up with an idea for a more artistic photo, he can observe a moment that if there was just one photographer he could not observe it due to overload.  

Less risk to lose the important moments

Below you can see a post taken from a group on Facebook, the pictures speak for themselves. A few inches away, and the moment is saved. It can happen to any photographer, regardless of his training and professionalism, there are moments that do not depend on us.


  • You want an ampler, detailed and artistic story of your day
  • Your preparations take place at a great distance from each other
  • You want to save time for preparations
  • You want more photos with the bridesmaids and best men
  • You have a civil wedding, a religious wedding and a party in the same day
  • You have little time between the preparations and the religious wedding or between the religious wedding and the party
  • You have more than 120 guests




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