Love Notes

You have the ability to “feel” each couple and show the beauty in different captures and so unique each time!
Our dear Irina and Andrian, we met spontaneously, but from the beginning we admired your creations and the magic you make in pictures! It took us a while to review all the pictures and enjoy them, because they are so vivid and beautiful that it is impossible to look at them in a hurry :)) I know that you have heard this many times, but thank you for being with us, for showing maximum professionalism and dedication, because every couple on their wedding day wants to be surrounded by trusted people; and through the rain in Budapest, and the broken umbrella, and the sleepless hours for Andrian being forced to travel during the night to be the next day in Bucharest:) apart from the fact that you are extraordinary photographers, especially you are such a positive and creative couple! We felt very relaxed with you, we laughed and had a great time! I think the most important feedback you could hear from the bride and groom is – “if we got married again, we would still choose you” <3 We will certainly reach out in the future!

Cornelia Roman

I don’t know how and when I discovered your photos, but I know exactly what I thought as I looked at them: “If I’m going to get married, they have to be my wedding photographers!”
I wasn’t in a relationship with my husband yet, but it wasn’t hard at all to convince him when the time came! :) I am hopelessly in love with your photos, the way you see things and you help others to see them so beautifully! I could not imagine our wedding without you, so as soon as we set the date, you were the first we contacted, we couldn’t risk for you to be already booked.:) Thank you for your professionalism but also for your way of being: warm, patient, present, relaxed and always ready with good advice!

Silvia Codreanu

OMG how beautiful our pictures are!!!
Thank you for everything! They are gorgeous.I feel like I am watching a movie. You captured the best moments.

Liviu Teodorescu

We relived our day and we have the most beautiful memories that will remain for the rest of our lives .Thank you very much for being with us!
We just looked at the pictures and they are something indescribable, they exceeded by far our expectations. We started sending them to friends / family and everyone is impressed. I really thought that the most beautiful pictures will remain the ones you sent us in the preview and now they will be just stuffing, I can’t believe they are all GORGEOUS! I really have no words. We really liked Adrian, besides his professionalism, we thought he is extremely kind man, and Mihnea always says (when we watch videos and we see him there too) that he really liked his presence and the fact that he was wearing a suit (photographers don’t do this always at events, it was a detail that impressed him). Long story short, congratulations on everything you do. The pictures are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen ❤️

Diana Orasanu

Their work

is pure magic!

Irina and Andrian are amazing! I only saw a preview of what's to come and I couldn't be more grateful! You helped us capture memories that will last a lifetime!

- Oana Stan

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