HOW TO have better WEDDING pictures IN 6 STEPS

If you are a bride to be, I bet you already have your Pinterest board full of pictures with your wedding dress, decor pallet and all the small details that in this moment represent “your world”.

This is the exceptional thing about Pinterest: is an inspirational and up-to-date wedding source! And here is the BIG TRUTH about Pinterest: Nothing ever looks nearly as good as on Pinterest! Oftentimes, in the wedding day, you cannot replicate the same perfect moment, in the same light and of course the same feeling as seen on Pinterest. There are many things that might not Or simply you don’t have the right dress, height, weight, etc. to match with a much dreamed Pin. 

Our advice: get inspired from Pinterest, but don’t try to make your wedding as on Pinterest. Be natural. Enjoy the moment and that’s what will make your wedding a Pinterest one.

Here are some tips on how to obtain better photos in 6 steps. 

1. Choose the type of photo you see yourself in

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start your research: What would your ideal wedding pictures look like? 

There are 4 main types of wedding photography styles:

  • photojournalism (events are captured by the photographer as they occur, in their real form, without someone’s intervention; aspect related to newspaper photography, hence the name “photojournalism”)
  • traditional (the photographer directs, knows in advance what background to use, how and who to photograph, you will hear the photograph always giving directions and always directing on the wedding day)
  • artistic (unconventional images from creative angles, the photographer acts from the position of an artist)
  • illustrative (a combination of traditional and photojournalism and focuses on composition, background and light. The photographer is involved as much as necessary so as not to destroy the genuineness of the moment)

2. Find your perfect photographer

Good photographers don’t work in agencies and you can’t find them “in package” with the videographer. In Romania, the bride and groom still send messages to photographers such as: “we want a photo-video offer” without seeing the photographer’s page or as much as a wedding video. (Crazy, right?)

You should ask to meet with the photographer, and make as many appointments as possible until you stop at the photographer you feel best with. When that “click” is made, you have to resonate with him and find yourself in his portfolio. Ask him to present you an entire wedding photographed by him from the very beginning and till the very end, read about his philosophy, the experience, for how long does he take pictures, etc.

3. Choose places with large windows for indoor photos

Natural light is the best and plays one of the most important roles in photography. When we receive emails about the hotel room to choose from, the most important decision factor for us is the size of the window (preferably as large as possible) and with as much free space as possible.

4. Work on your body language

Here are some tips to help you feel relaxed:

Back: Arch your back even when sitting, this will make you look more confident and will make your waist, look thinner. Relax your shoulders but don’t let them down, suck your belly.

Hands and arms: Straight hands may look strange in photos. Play with your hands, place them in front of your face and always remove them a little from your body. If you will hold them tight to your body, they will look bigger.

Chin: To avoid appearing in pictures with a “second chin” always hold your chin slightly raised.

Smile! Or as Tyra Banks says, “Smize” which would mean smile with your eyes.

If the bride and groom are nervous (in a ratio of 95% :))) this method seems effective to get the bride out of that mood and make her feel more comfortable in front of the camera: we tell the bride and groom to close their eyes and count to 3. We take the picture when we reach 3 and if we want to get an emotion (of happiness, or sadness) we tell them to think about anything that would make them feel it, or we make a joke, whatever comes to our mind spontaneously. I once told a bride to look at the engagement ring and then immediately “Now imagine you’re Beyonce on the stage” :)) It made her to smile widely and confidently, a thing that served for a great portrait.

Try to take pictures in motion. The most natural photos are received when you do something. Walk from one end of the room to the other, imitate some steps, play with your hair, dress, etc.

Take a look at your favorite photos on your phone and try to find something in common between them. Do you like pictures of yourself from a certain angle? When you smile in a certain way? Try to develop those positions and improve them!

5. Plan stress-free photos

If you feel stressed, you will look stressed. Schedule your photo shoot without third parties. I bet you’ll ask: “What should we do with godparents, best men and bridesmaids?” Well, this is an opportunity for them to relax a bit, to take dozens of selfies, to refresh their makeup or to drink a lemonade. Somewhere away, to give you personal space so you would feel free. You have to think on how to work on all the aspects related to point 4. Do you really want all those people around? The most important thing is to let them know in advance what your schedule is. After all, it takes only 20-35 minutes. That’s all we think is necessary for the wedding photo shoot. The important thing is to completely detach yourself and Yes: no phones!

6. Bridal “survival kit.”

Tears, hugs, dancing, sun – all this fun means that your make-up and hairstyle will need some retouching at some point. You can find on the internet a whole list of absolutely necessary things such as: lipstick, dry wipes, wet wipes, water, foundation, etc. Ask the bridesmaids or your wedding planner to always have them on hand. 




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