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Not long ago we posted in Instagram stories what the photos look like after editing and you showed interest in this process. Thus we decided to give you more details on this subject.

Generally, we try to change as little as possible, not to resort to current trends that will become kitsch in a few years. We hope that when the grandchildren of the married couple will look at the album, it will seem fresh. Thus, our editing is quite simple. We believe that photography should be done well from the start. That’s why we always try to make the most of the light during the event. We move things that confuse us, in group photos we look for good reflections so that the light would fall well on the guests at a perfect angle, and at the restaurant, well here is the most interesting part because it does not always depend on us. Every time we ask the bride and groom about the light at the party, we try to negotiate with the providers but it happens that we can’t really change something so all the saving is in editing. We would like to show you such an example here. We edit the series in Lightroom on the iMac and we do the retouching by using Photoshop.

The photo from the beginning was a little under exposure. We do this so as not to lose the information from the highlights (points of maximum light) and in the editing process we play with the shadows. 

We remove all the distracting details and subtract from the value of the image. If there aren’t too many details, we remove them directly from Lightroom, when contrary we import them into Photoshop.

We try to create symmetry in our photos. This was done with 35mm which distorts the edges a lot, so we straighten the lines after processing. Thank God, with 2 buttons in Lightroom, the problem is solved, you just need to know what result you want to achieve. 

The principles are similar when it comes to retouching the skin. We try to intervene only when it is absolutely necessary. 

Of course, we remove obvious stains and unsightly shadows because most customers so far have asked us to do so. At the same time, if someone told us they didn’t want to change something, we wouldn’t have a problem with that! Usually we do not remove moles or some birthmarks (at the request of most brides and grooms).

The last 3 images are adjusted only by light, color and crop. Without Major Changes About 85-90% of all wedding photos are edited like this.

Towards sunset, the colors in Raw turn gray, but when editing we maximize the information from the warm colors.

Here we only had ambient lights which soon had a problem and did not work at all. We desaturase them as much as we can so that they do not stand out. This was a wedding outside the country where we couldn’t take new flash stands with us, so most of the photos were taken with bitLighter.

Here is the unfortunate case in which the light falls badly from all of the angles. The problem was that the lights’ scaffolding were placed far too low and fell directly on the faces of the guests. Even if in these cases you negotiate with the lighting assistants and they decrease in intensity, in a few minutes they will rekindle them because they also came there with a purpose. In Lightroom the color balance reaches the maximum warm color limits. It is very difficult to adjust them all so that they look from the same series because those lights change from green/ red/ purple/ blue/ white etc. And here the option with our stands was to cut off from the very start because the ceiling was too low and there were sections that blocked the light from spreading evenly. In addition, the tent was huge (400 people) and the shadows I got from the flashes on the stands did not look good.

For some pictures, however, the only solution remains Black and White 🙂

To reproduce more of the party atmosphere, we use Bitlighter.

We hope you found this article useful. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment!

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