6 destinations for the after wedding photo session

Over the years we have had the opportunity to have photo sessions in several locations and today we are determined to share with you the top 6 destinations we prefer.


Also called the island that does not sleep, many have the wrong impression that Ibiza is just about nightlife. We came back with another impression. Besides the fact that the wedding industry there is very well developed, the place being perfect for the organization of your entire event (with a considerable investment of course :)), Ibiza is about beaches that take your breath away. 52 in number, they range from wide, well-crafted sand carpets to rocky beaches in rugged and untouched bays surrounded by cliffs. Ibiza is about history and culture, the old town being a “maze” of cobbled streets where you can find together the history, culture, art and style specific to the island. In addition, because all these streets are on a hill, the view is spectacular. We can also add the fact that in October, when the rains and frosts arrive to Romania, you can see a temperature of 24 degrees on the island, perfect for a relaxing session! 


People got acquainted with Dubai a few years ago. It is said that here, what you dream of, often becomes reality, so the inhabitants of this country dream beyond their wildest dream. It must be said from the very beginning that Dubai is a world of the superlative, a world of glittering, of endless choices. We have discovered it as a city of the future that wants to impress with its size and grandeur. This is the tallest building (Burj Khalifa), next to the largest mall in

the world (The Dubai Mall), the largest man-made island (The Palm), the largest dancing fountains (Dubai Fountains), the largest photo frame in the world (Dubai Frame) and the list could go on. Many people know it after the famous hotel was perceived to be the only hotel in the world that has 7 stars, while the official scale is only of 5 stars. This unofficial 7-star rating seems to have come from a British journalist who visited the hotel before the opening, in a press tour and was impressed by the opulent luxury of the hotel. 

The city is so new that the old part of Dubai Creek dates back to the 1980s. Some 20-story buildings are already history of the emirate. Next to it, a bazaar and a mosque have been built that look old, according to traditional desert architecture.  

From a photographic point of view, it offers many possibilities, combining skyscrapers with the real, wild desert, from where, at the horizon, only huge, golden and reddish dunes can be seen. You have to take into account that at each location with an important tourist objective, there is a police officer who makes sure that the photo session has no commercial purpose. It’s the only city where I signed an application to obtain the agreement for some photos in a public place. 🙂 As for the weather, in December you can also go to the beach, the temperatures being very comfortable.

You can see the entire photoshoot here.


Italy is always a good idea! Not in vain this is the number one destination weddings in the US and many other countries around the world. In addition, Italy is one of the most beautiful places to visit for holidays and romantic honeymoons. There are so many reasons to spend some time in Italy, where you can’t go wrong with your phone photos. It’s so spectacular that it needs a separate top of the locations where you can have a photo shoot 🙂

Como Lake | Italy
Sicily | Italy


Spain is generally known as the ideal place if you are looking for a combination of sun, sea and sand. However, there is much more to this beautiful country than just that, regardless of the season, the country has something special for everyone. 

The narrow streets of the old town of Alicante, the houses specific to the area, predominantly white with flowers at the windows will give you the impression that you have arrived in a world where modernism has not yet arrived. Such landscapes never bore us, giving you numerous possibilities from a photographic point of view. We would walk with the bride and groom for hours without getting tired just admiring and photographing the surroundings.

Alicante | Spain


Provence is such a diverse region that it is almost impossible to get bored of. Endless things to see and do, opportunities for relaxation, fun and exploration… the French really know how to live their life at fullest, and Provence offers a perfect setting in which you can have a truly wonderful holiday.

 Although we had only one photo shoot, in 2015, this is the location that impressed us enormously and we would like to return someday.

Provence | France


There are only 840km that separate Bucharest from Budapest. In just a few hours by car you arrive in a city that many would describe it as a “hidden beauty” present in buildings that have not been recently renovated or restored. Budapest is “imbued” in history that can be felt from the very first moment. It is considered one of the most beautiful European capitals and we can say that it is rightly so. We had 2 photo sessions here and we would gladly return!

Budapest | Hungary




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