What are the “first look” pictures?

During each meeting with the bride and groom to be, we discuss this: where they will see each other for the first time. The “first look” is a moment “arranged” by the photographer for the bride and groom to see each other before leaving for church. Perfectly, this moment should take place privately, without the presence of relatives or friends. The photographer proposes the place depending on where the light falls better and the rest: the feelings, the hugs and everything that follows depends on each couple. This is the place where the feelings are genuine, without the photographer giving directions.

Do we need the “first look”?

If you are asking for our opinion then here is your answer: CERTAINLY YES!
And here are 5 reasons to choose a “first look” on your wedding day:

1. Some things or details may take a wrong turn

On the wedding day, no matter how you plan it before, there will be some issues that you will not be able to control and that you will simply have to comply with: either the bouquet did not come out exactly as in the picture, or you ordered too little champagne or someone announces at the last minute that he/ she is not coming or on the contrary that a couple that you didn’t even invite, is coming. Of course all these details will turn your whole arrangement upside down 🙂 (And even if you were among those 5% of lucky bride and groom to be that had no surprises) the wedding day will be busier than you have ever imagined, with all of the eyes always on you so maybe it’s not so bad to book 10-15 minutes just for the two of you. In a corner hidden by all that madness waiting for you to surrender 🙂

2. It’s an intimate moment just for you two 

Believe us, it might be possible that you will not have a moment of intimacy until the moment all of the guests will be leaving.

3. You have more time to spend together 

The biggest plus we see is that this way you will save a lot of time from the wedding day. Once you see each other, you are free to take pictures together, to have fun with your loved ones., because in the end it is your holiday and it would be a shame if you had the religious wedding in the afternoon so that you would see each other only then.

4. You can take more pictures

Natural light changes during the day so you can have pictures together at two different times of the day.


This is a photo taken at about 4:00 PM (September)
And this one after 20:00 in the sunset.

The light is great in both cases but it is totally different, respectively the wedding album will be varied and thus more special.

5. You have 2 important moments on your wedding day 

One intimate moment only for the two of you and another in which the bride is walked by her father/ godfather to the altar. Do you think that the second one will be less exciting just because you’ve already seen each other?


We recommend you to opt for the “first look” on your wedding day, but in the end you, as a couple, have to make the decisions that suit you best and organize the day so that it remains a beautiful memory both in pictures and in your soul.

What do you think about this idea? If you already had a wedding, did you choose to see each other before the wedding and if so, how was it? Give us your answers in the comments!




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